Amelia Earhart and Sadie Hawkins

“The Explorer” and “I’ll Ask You to Dance”


A rancher found Amelia and Sadie as orphaned coyote pups in Fallon and turned them over to the Nevada Department of Wildlife. After a quarantine period during which it was verified they didn’t have rabies, the pups were given over to the care and custody of Animal Ark. Since the two-week old pups had to be bottle-fed, they lost their fear of humans and have learned to depend upon people. The early socialization with humans makes it impossible for the coyotes to be released back into the wild.

Amelia and Sadie are wonderful coyote ambassadors for their species. Coyotes are very adaptable and are found throughout most of Nevada. Coyotes are most active during the early morning and evening hours; however, in areas where they are not disturbed by human activity, they tend to be more active during the day.

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