Ringo was a rescued raccoon who accidentally made his appearance during a hay truck delivery. As a very young juvenile, he was adopted and well cared for by his new family in Texas. In October of 2008, Ringo accompanied his owner who was attending a horse show in Reno. Being well socialized to humans, the young raccoon appeared comfortable with his travels. Unfortunately, nearing the end of the horse show, Ringo escaped from his owner. A thorough search began by a number of people which eventually involved animal rescue individuals, the Livestock Events Center employees and the Nevada Department of Wildlife. After a period of searching, the raccoon’s owner had to return to Texas. The Event Center employees eventually located and captured Ringo at which time he came under the jurisdiction of the Nevada Department of Wildlife.  Ringo could not be returned to Texas, so Animal Ark was contacted to provide a home as an alternative to euthanasia.

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