Zech was found by the side of a road, covered in an unidentified deadly crop pesticide, by raptor rehabilitators, Jim and Kathleen Tigan (Raptor Adventures). Zech was nursed back to health by the Tigans but suffers from a permanently injured wing that will not allow him to fly long distances. Zech found a new home at Animal Ark, and will be an important part of our educational “Bird Talks.”

The most common hawk in North America, red-tailed hawks can often be seen atop utility poles and other lofty perches on the lookout for mice, ground squirrels, rabbits, reptiles, or other prey. These hawks like to soar in wide circles high over open habitat. When flapping, their wingbeats are heavy. In high winds, they may face into the wind and hover without flapping, eyes fixed on the ground.

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