Saving the Cheetah Presentation

Saving the Cheetah – A Presentation by Deon Cilliers, Manager of the Cheetah Outreach Livestock Guarding Dog Project in South Africa

Animal Ark, in conjunction with Northern Nevada SCORE, is proud to to sponsor this fascinating presentation. Deon will share his incredible work to save the cheetah through the guarding dog project in regions throughout South Africa.  This presentation will […]

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Paws and Claws 2017

We hosted our annual fundraising event, Paws and Claws, last Sunday, October 23. It was a great success, with the weather cooperating (started a little cool but warmed up), just about a full house and lots of action. The fun started with a special VIP reception where our guests learned about owls from Jim Tigan of Raptor Adventures. They got […]

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Animal Ark is proud to support the inaugural Fundraising Gala and Bowl-a-Thon for Reno Bowls For Rhinos. This new event is sponsored by the American Association of Zoo Keepers and Bowling for Rhinos to support conservation efforts for rhinos and cheetahs. You can meet Reno area zoo keepers at this wonderful two-day event at the National Bowling Stadium in […]

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Welcome to Lily Tiger!

Lily came to Animal Ark on January 24, 2017. She is a captive born tiger that was originally under private ownership, but her owner was involved in a car accident and was unable to commit to the care she needed. Lily’s owner was happy to have her come to Animal Ark after she heard about our facility and knew […]

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The Power of Love

C.J., our Canadian Lynx, came to us from very poor circumstances. She was 11 years old and had spent her life in a breeding facility for the fur and pet trade. At her age, she was no longer able to produce kittens and was no longer needed. She was offered for sale, but if not purchased, would be killed […]

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Kalvin – A Happy Ending

Kalvin is a young male kestrel that came to us from a wildlife rehabilitator early in 2013. He had an injured wing that was not healing properly and the rehabilitator determined that he most likely would not be able to survive in the wild, so Kalvin came to live with us at Animal Ark.

Unfortunately, Kalvin did not settle in […]

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Winter 2016 Appeal

Animal Ark is currently closed for the winter, but our animals must still be cared for and fed. Our founders, Aaron and Diana Hiibel have issued their winter appeal letter to all our supporters. The content of the letter is reproduced here:


Dear Friend,

This is the time of year when personal mail arrives to our household requesting donations to support the […]

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Whole Foods Market Community Giving Day

This is tremendous news for us – please, consider shopping at Whole Foods on Wednesday. You get great food, and Animal Ark gets a wonderful donation to keep our animals happy and well-fed this winter. 

Press Release Below:


Whole Foods Market Community Giving Day benefits The Animal Ark! Wednesday, Nov. 30th

Whole Foods Market Reno has selected The Animal Ark Wildlife Sanctuary as the […]

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Care4Bears Raffle

Baby Bear Update: the four orphan bear cubs are all doing well, other than eating us out of house and home. They weigh about 60 pounds each now, and the four of them are consuming over 50 pounds of food per day. Soon, they will start slowing down to prepare for hibernation and will probably be asleep at the […]

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Paws and Claws

Our annual fundraising event, Paws and Claws, was an outstanding success this year. After several years of bad weather: rain, wind, snow and freezing temps, the weather for the event on Sunday, Sept. 25 was absolutely perfect! The event was sold out, 140 guests, and our first-time VIP reception was a big hit too. The VIP guests were able […]

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