Welcome to Lily Tiger!

Lily came to Animal Ark on January 24, 2017. She is a captive born tiger that was originally under private ownership, but her owner was involved in a car accident and was unable to commit to the care she needed. Lily’s owner was happy to have her come to Animal Ark after she heard about our facility and knew […]

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The Power of Love

C.J., our Canadian Lynx, came to us from very poor circumstances. She was 11 years old and had spent her life in a breeding facility for the fur and pet trade. At her age, she was no longer able to produce kittens and was no longer needed. She was offered for sale, but if not purchased, would be killed […]

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Kalvin – A Happy Ending

Kalvin is a young male kestrel that came to us from a wildlife rehabilitator early in 2013. He had an injured wing that was not healing properly and the rehabilitator determined that he most likely would not be able to survive in the wild, so Kalvin came to live with us at Animal Ark.

Unfortunately, Kalvin did not settle in […]

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Year of the Howl

Animal Ark has taken in five canine pups this year! We have received two orphaned wild coyote pups and three wolf pups. These pups are all settling into their new homes and will be slowly and quietly introduced into their exhibits so they adjust well to being near humans.

The coyote pups were from different family groups and were each […]

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Welcome Koda

Koda, an arctic fox, arrived at Animal Ark on November 19, 2014. Born in captivity, Koda was sold as a pet on Craigslist when he was four months old and was then transferred to another person after just two weeks. His new owners cared for Koda for two months, realized the difficulties involved in raising a wild animal as […]

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Orphan Cubs Need Help

In early November a mother black bear with two female cubs was struck by a car and killed in the Sierras.  The orphaned cubs will spend several months at Animal Ark under specialized care.  Bear cubs require a natural diet, and a lot of it, for weight gain as well as isolation from humans.  In late-winter, Nevada Department of […]

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Canid Greetings

Canid greetings are the best for raising your spirits! The coyotes, Sadie and Amelia, never let me down. Today it is cool and the park is quiet; the girls heard me coming. I spotted Sadie’s ears through the sage brush and then there she was… a furry mass of wiggling, twisting, grinning coyote as I knelt down beside her. […]

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That’s Rich

To stimulate our wildlife both physically and mentally, Animal Ark’s animal keepers are constantly looking for new puzzles or toys to give to animals.  In this picture, Kaleb the Canada lynx plays with a potato.  For the bears and raccoon, we might drill holes in a PVC pipe, place small food items inside, such as bird seed, and let […]

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